100W MOPA Backpack Fiber Laser Marking Cleaning Machine

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The 100W MOPA Backpack Fiber Laser Marking Cleaning Machine has great 2 in 1 control system. This system is a high-performance laser marking and cleaning system developed and produced by our company based on years of experience in laser development, production and service. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, complete functions, reliable quality, stable performance, and convenient use. To improve your work efficiency and create more economic benefits for you. When you use this system for the first time, it is recommended that you read this instruction manual in detail first, so as to fully understand the operation, precautions and daily maintenance of the laser marking and cleaning system in terms of hardware and software.

When you encounter difficulties in daily operation, you can also refer to the relevant content in this manual at any time to obtain quick troubleshooting methods. Please read this manual carefully, if you have any questions, please feel free to call our professional maintenance service personnel, we will serve you whole heartedly.

This 100w fiber laser marking cleaning machine combines conventional laser marking and laser cleaning systems into one. Not only saves resource costs, but also facilitates customer use.

Product Detail

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1. Support Cordless Marking (Optional)

2. Small Size, Light Weight (only 13kgs)

3. Red Light Positioning, No Need Focusing

4. Smart Functionality - Self Start/Stop

5. Mopa Laser Source with Frequency adjustment range, High peak, Adjustable pulse width, Fast response

6. Outdoor Special Work Marking

7. Immovable Objects Marking

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Technical Parameters

100W MOPA Backpack Fiber Laser Marking Cleaning Machine

Laser Characters

Laser type

Pulsed fiber laser source

Laser power


Laser wavelength

1060-1080 nm

Max Single Pulse Energy

1.2 mJ

Pulse width

10-500 ns

Frequency range

1-3000 kHz

Laser source service life

100000 Hours



Spot diameter

7.0±1 mm

Marking Characters

Marking type

High precision two-dimensional scanning method

Marking speed

10-7000 mm/s

Operating interface

Embedded intelligent operating system, built-in 5-inch touch screen

Marking line type

Dot-matrix, vector integration

Marking range

100 * 100mm (Optional)

Positioning mode

Positioning mode


English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russia, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.

Support content

Text, QR code, Barcode, Multicharacter, Date, Logo, Pattern, etc.

Support import format

Bitmap: png, jpg, bmp; Vectograph: dxf, plt, svg; Document: excel

Function features

Marking / cleaning / deep engraving

Support marking materials

All kinds of metals, stainless steel, PVC / PP /PB / ABS / PCB / Plastics, epoxide resin, rubber, leather, painting wood, coating paper, carton paper, PV panel

Electrical Characters

Cooling method

Air cooling

Supply voltage

AC 220V 50/60 Hz

Max power consumption

< 500 w

Main Machine Characters

Other shell material

All-aluminum shell

New weight

≈13 kgs

Adaptive temperature


Ambient humidity

30-85% RH (non-condensing)

Apparent Dimension

≈336 mm * 129mm * 410mm

Hand head specifications

Handle diameter: 41mm Handle net weight: 1.1 kg


1. Enterprise Advantage:

With more than 10,000 square meters productioncenter and modern office service center, Won the national high-tech Enterprise, provincial "specialized special new" enterprise, provincial "gazelle" enterprise, AAA credit, ISO9001 quality system certification, CE certification and many other honors and qualifications, excellent brand Identity, good business credit and professional service Team.

2. Technical Advantage:

Relying on high-quality elite R & D team, to create an independent innovation R & D center, with 8 invention patents, more than 20 utility model patents and more than 20 software Copyrights, always maintain the dominant position in the laser industry, continue to create high-quality products, to provide customers with the most competitive laser equipment fullset of accessories products.

3. Service Advantage:

Provide global delivery of sales services to ensure that "Suitable, Timely, High quality, Appropriate amount" goods, Deliver the goods to the designated place safety.


1. Laser Marking

Embedded laser marking scanning control systems are usually used to mark text or images into the surface of materials for better tracking and recognition of objects during manufacturing and processing. It can be widely used in laser marking, laser engraving etc. Additionally, it can be used for applications such as laser welding, gravure printing or wall testing. It can be used for laser marking, laser engraving and so on.

The laser marking system can be used for logo marks, serial numbers, bar codes, and other beautiful patterns on any metallic materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, gold, silver, aluminum, and lots of engineering plastic products such as mobile cover and charger, consume electronics housing, etc.

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2. Laser Cleaning

The laser cleaning system is easy to operate by turn on the machine when power connected, then it can clean without chemical reagent, medium or water washing; it has many advantages of the manual focus adjustment, curved surface cleaning, high and precise surface cleaning, it also can remove resin, grease, stains, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint from the surface of the objects. Laser cleaning is widely used in various industries, such as shipping, auto parts, rubber mold, high-end machine tool, tire mold, rail, environmental protection and etc.

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