20W Mini Portable Handheld Laser marking Machine

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Portable laser marking machines are a revolutionary technology for businesses and organizations that need to mark items quickly and accurately. This device uses a laser to etch text, graphics or logos onto virtually any material, including metal, plastic, wood, paper, leather, glass and more. The machine is easy to operate and produces precise results with minimal effort. It can be used in various environments such as manufacturing plants, retail stores and even at home. Portable laser marking machines offer several advantages over traditional marking methods such as engraving tools or ink stampers. It’s much faster than these other methods; while engraving tools can take minutes per item, lasers do it almost instantly. The accuracy of the markings produced by this device is unparalleled; every detail will be perfectly etched into whatever material you work with without smudging or blurring. Additionally, these devices require little maintenance compared to comparable devices, making them ideal for busy environments where time is at a premium. Another advantage of using a portable laser marker is its cost-effectiveness.

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1.Portable design, easy to carry and move
2.Low noise design, applicable to a wide range of scenes
3.Integrated touch screen software is plug and play.
4.The software is powerful and easy to use
5.A handheld head integrated dark acrylic cover can protect the operator’s eyes.
6.There is no need for maintenance, no need for consumption materials, it saves your continued cost, and it is environmentally friendly.
7.High Marking Precision, professional laser control system and software

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This 20W Mini Portable Handheld Laser marking machine system offers a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser mark onto almost any type of metal products.
Identification text, serial numbers, corporate logos, 2-D data matrix, bar coding, graphic and digital images, or any individual process data can be produced with laser marking.
1.Logos, certification symbols, barcodes, serial codes, and 2-D data matrix code
2.Simple custom text, serial numbers, bitmaps, graphic
3.Rapid marking on precious metals with heat-sensitive materials
4.Plastic materials: day & night design for items such as mobile phone keyboards, dashboards, and other illumination components for aerospace and automotive markets

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Machine material

Engineering plastic

Laser type

Fiber laser source

Laser wavelength


Max pulse energy


Adjustable frequency range


Printing mode

high-precision two-dimensional scanning model

Marking speed


Operation interface

Embedded 7-inch touch screen, Linux operation system

Cooling system

Built-in air cooling

Marking line type

both dot matrix and vector can be used

Marking range

70*70mm / 110*110mm (optional)

Positioning method

red light positioning

Marking character position

any line within the marking range

Print speed

600 characters / s (specific speed is related to product material and print content)

Languanges support

simplified Chinese, English, Korean, German etc.

File format

png / jpg /bmp /dxf / plt /svg

Barcode / QR code

CODE25 / CODE39 / CODE49 / CODE93 / CODE126 / CODE128 / EAN13 / EAN128 / PDF417 / CODBAR / UPCA / UPCA_CHK / DataMatrix / QRCode etc.

Input voltage

220v / 110v

Max. power consumption

20W 250W

Working temperature


Ambient relative humidity

30-85 RH (no condensation)

Appearance size


Marking type

QR code / barcode / Chinese / English / date / logo/ pattern etc.


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Mini size: 300*185*200mm, 2 marking areas optional

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