10mm Aperture Fiber Galvanometer Laser Scanner Galvo Head

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Galvanometer (Galvo) is an electromechanical instrument that deflects a light beam by using a mirror, meaning that it has sensed an electric current. When it comes to laser, Galvo systems use mirror technology to move the laser beam in different directions by rotating and adjusting mirror angles within the boundaries of a work area. Galvo lasers are ideal for using fast speed and intricate fine detailed marking and engraving.

This galvo head is 10mm (compatible with 1064nm / 355nm / 532nm / 10.6um mirrors), uses digital driver, fully self-developed driver/ control algorithm/ motor. Strong interference resist performance, high speed, high precision, suitable for precision marking and welding, marking on the fly, etc. With high-cost performance, it can be widely used for normal laser marking and engraving.

Galvo systems are available for different laser types, such as Fiber Laser, sealed CO2, and UV, giving you the possibility of choosing the laser light according to your needs.

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1.Input Aperture: 10mm
2.Good degree of linearity, high resolution small drift, precise repetitive positioning.
3.High speed scanning, stable performance small zero drift, strong anti-interference
4.Extensive application: Laser deflection and two-dimensional localization, etc.
5.There are three kinds wavelengths can choose, 10.6um, 1064nm, 355nm, 532nm etc.
It does not need maintenance. Conventional lasers are made of pulleys, bearings, belts and other mechanical elements which need periodic maintenance. The only maintenance required for Galvo laser is the revision of the lenses.
Galvo systems are the ideal tool for companies in the personalization sector or applications that require productivity through speed that allows a higher cost to be absorbed.


The scan head provides ideal solutions for high-end industrial laser applications, such as precise marking, additive manufacturing, drilling, etc.
CY Tec is committed to offering the best price / performance ratio products and achieving the best configurations according to customers’ requirement.
It is applicable to apple casing, aluminum oxide, aluminum alloy, stainless steel accessories for mobile phones, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tool accessories, knives, glasses, watches, jewelry, auto parts, luggage buttons, cooking utensils, stainless steel products and other products laser marking.

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Marking speed


Positioning speed


Small step response time



1064nm, 10.6um, 355nm, 532nm



Repeatability / Electrical value


Long-term drift (8 hours of continuous work)


Gain error


Zero offset (batch origin error)


Tracking error


K9 base


Si substrate


Input voltage


Average working current


Signal interface


Peak current


Operation temperature


Position signal input impedance


Position signal input proportional coefficient


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Laser input aperture


Beam displacement


Max. scanning angle




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